Spiritual poetry by Lisa Michaelis























deep inside

the treasure

or otherwise one finds it never

to be is not a game for free

life is not a game under the sun

life is a play of the one

who has it´s own rules

we and god are one


there is a paradise, shamballa, peace and freedom

there is a moon and a sun, who are equal

from the deepest pain extasy arises

in the darkest night the morning is near

in the biggest illusion truth is still there

in the greatest loss victory means to loose all fear

to feel one we have to embrace separation

to stay strong we have to embrace weakness

to never die we have to embrace death 

to win all we have to embrace nothingness


no one can see the truth, who lies

no one can find love, who betrays

no one can live in peace, who fights

no one can break through, who cannot let go

no one can find light, who does not face darkness


so ham - I am 

to let ´so´ go - to let ´ham´ go

a blissfull emptyness - which is alive

all is one - no moon, no sun

and its beloved children - they belong 

when the darkness and even the light

the noisy world and the many are left behind

deep inside and everywhere

the one


an empty hand

a falling leaf

the lotus blossoms

a white heart in the wind

willing to be a nobody

not even liked, not loved, no fun

under the cruel moon, who sets us free

under the blessings, of the shining sun


who can ever set mankind free 

from their worldy games

if not the only one


silence reveals truth

truth reveals love

love reveals eternity

eternity reveals the one


Lisa Michaelis


Picture by Kurt Sikora